Center for Advanced Research and Education

International engagement is becoming an imperative for higher education, given the pace of globalization and the flow of people and ideas across geographical borders. Virginia Tech’s Strategic Plan 2012-18 calls for Virginia Tech (VT) to position itself to further develop a distinctive profile as a progressive and internationally recognized research university. As part of the strategy to realize this goal, the university decided to establish a strong educational and research presence in India.

On 09th October, 2015, a new entity– Virginia Tech India Research and Education Forum (hereafter called VT India) was established to carry out the broad mission of fostering science, technology, and innovation to solve global problems facing humanity. Virginia Tech’s Institute for Critical Technology and Applied Science (ICTAS), a premier research Center, has led the effort to initiate and develop a dynamic and meaningful research program focused on a few key technologies under its newly-forged Virginia Tech India Center for Advanced Research and Education (VTICARE).

“This is a historic moment for Virginia Tech,” said former President Charles Steger. “Virginia Tech, India will create a place in India where engineers, students, and high tech science professionals from the United States and India will work together and learn from each other.”

Drawing on the success of its parent institute in Blacksburg, Virginia, “the creation of VTCARE marks an important new step in unleashing innovative ideas and fostering cutting-edge technologies through collaborative research for advancing the cause of a sustainable future,” said former ICTAS Director and current ICTAS Global Ambassador Roop Mahajan. He hopes that people will look back someday and say, in the words of Jon Gertner, author of The Idea Factory, “this was where the future, which is what we now call the present, was conceived and designed.”

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