Virginia Tech India Center for Advanced Research and Education

“Home today to more than a fifth of the world’s population, the subcontinent gave birth to the oldest and most influential civilization on Earth, to four world religions, and to the world’s largest democracy. ” -Michel Wood, Author, The Story of India, a BBC history series

Our activities broadly envelope

Virginia Tech, USA seeks to become one of the world’s top research institutions as well as a center of learning and discovery across the world. India is one of the countries strategically selected to help advance Virginia Tech’s global vision. To this end, Outreach and International Affairs, along with the Institute for Critical Technology and Applied Science at Virginia Tech, established a roadmap to promote global interdisciplinary research and education. An outcome was the founding of the Virginia Tech India Research and Education Forum, a nonprofit entity situated in Chennai. (The entity is also known as VT India*). It is expected that VT India will become a world-class provider of higher education and research opportunities empowering the next generation of graduates to step up to global challenges and carve out solutions to a host of problem facing humanity

*See Section 8 of the Companies Act of India

Virginia Tech India Research and Education Forum (VTIREF) is a Not for Profit institute duly registered in India under Section 8 of the Companies Act 2013, affiliated to Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, Blacksburg, VA, USA. In an increasingly connected world, Virginia Tech is committed to being a global Center of learning and an inviting place for faculty and students from around the world to engage in collaborative Learning, Research and Innovation as well as Cultural Exchange.


VT India aims to be a premier institution advancing transformative research, education, and lifelong learning and promoting economic development that improves quality of life and preserves natural resources.


  • Conduct cutting-edge research in select areas that builds on Virginia Tech’s strengths and maximizes synergies with partner organizations in India
  • Ensure that projects are consistent and compatible with the strategic vision of Virginia Tech
  • Promote student and faculty exchanges to maximize ongoing research and education projects
  • Engage industry leaders and working professionals to help upgrade their skills, allowing for career advancement and retention of jobs in a highly competitive environment
  • Work towards outcomes that spawn innovation and promote industrial growth and economic development
  • Maintain an emphasis on rural development

Director's Message

Dr.M.K. Padmanabhan
Director, VT India

Welcome to Virginia Tech India Center for Advanced Research and Education. (VT, India). We are an extended arm of Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, popularly known as Virginia Tech, a public, land grant Research University.

VT India is a ‘Not for Profit’ entity duly Registered under Indian Laws. Our proposed activities have three important facets – Advanced Research, Professional education and Outreach.We focus on Interdisciplinary research in selected areas of science and Technology of relevance to the global and Indian community. We encourage our researchers to create opportunities for novel industries, robust job growth and enhanced human capabilities.Our Educational initiatives aim towards upgradation of the Knowledge and Skills of students, staff and Corporate professionals.

We welcome everyone to join us in the above sphere of activities and together we can create a New global and Indian Vision.

History and Traditions

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Outreach and Engagement

VT India aims to emphasize rural development in its research and education initiatives.

Initiatives are designed to foster population centers that can rely on their own capabilities and resources to operate as functional, prospering and growing entities. Areas of focus include healthcare, urban planning, energy and water resources. Agricultural potential will also be explored in harmony with geographic, demographic and cultural contexts. Developing holistic solutions to promote self-reliant communities will involve engagement with local industry, institutions of higher learning, and charitable as well as nongovernmental organizations.


Dr. Guru Ghosh
Vice President for Outreach
and International Affairs

The primary work of our Development activities includes addressing societal challenges, sustainable energy, antibiotic resistance, etc.

As examples, The Scientists from Virginia Tech were involved in a project on Papayamealybug control in India and are presently working on Antibiotic resistance. Our interest includes involvement of Women and Gender in International Development programs.


Our outreach program aims to transform lives and communities with engagement work. Economic development activities including impact studies for Industries such as Coal, Food Sustainability are some areas we are looking for active participation.


Identifying obstacles that prevent People, Organisations and Governments from reaching key objectives, outreach and international affairs builds capacity through robust application of Virginia Tech’s expertise of worldwide problems of poverty, hunger, environment degradation and agriculture challenges.

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