Welcome to Virginia Tech India Center for Advanced Research and Education. (VT, India). We are an extended arm of Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, popularly known as Virginia Tech, a public, land grant Research University.

Dr. M K Padmanabhan
Vice President for Outreach and International Affairs
Dr. Guru Ghosh
Global Ambassador
Dr. Roop Mahajan
Deputy Director
Rangapriya Goutham
Faculty Director
Dr. Vinod Lohani
Dr. Peter J Vikesland
Dr. Amy Jill Pruden-Bagchi
Research Faculty
Dr. Dilip H Bonde
Research Scientist
Dr. Shashaank Gupta
Research Scientist
Dr. Dinesh kumar
Research Scientist
Dr. Suman Jhajharia
Adjunct Research Faculty
Dr. Shantha Shankar
Adjunct Research Faculty
Dr. C.Gajendran
Adjunct Research Faculty
Dr. C.V. Ramachandra Reddy
Manager – Marketing and Operations
Sreekanth Nambiar
Senior Manager – Finance
K.V. Thanikachalam
CEO Incubation at Healthcare Technology Innovation Centre (HTIC) at the Indian Institute of Technology Madras (IITM)
Muthu Singaram
Director, Global Professional Services, NVIDIA, San Francisco
John Ashley
Country Manager, Entigence Corporation, Bangalore
Shashank Chansoria
Director, Grant Thornton LLP, Washington DC
John Fraser
Director, Latent View Analytics
Ganesh Sankaralingam
Executive Director, Tata Sons Ltd
Chief Data Scientist, Halliburton
Satyam Priyadarshy
Co-founder & CEO, The Math Company
Sayandeb Banerjee
Chief People Officer, LatentView Analytics
Rajan Sethuraman