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Dr. Anuradha

Adjunct Research Scientist

Research scientist in the laboratory for multi-functional materials

  1. PhD in Marine Natural products Chemistry, Cochin University, (CUSAT), 2017
  2. M.Phil in Marine BioGeo Chemistry, Cochin University (CUSAT), 2008 (University Topper)
  3. M.Sc in Hydrochemistry, (CUSAT), 2005, Cochin University (University Topper)

Dr.Anuradha.V, is a research scientist in the laboratory for multi-functional materials, VirginiaTech India. She was a research fellow in the interuniversity centre for development of Marine Biotechnology, CUSAT, where she received her Ph.D. in Marine Natural product Chemistry. Prior to this, she has earned MSc (Hydro Chemistry) and M.Phil (Chemical Oceanography) degrees from CUSAT. Her doctoral research was focused on the cascaded valorisation of marine fauna, a sustainable method for the recovery of food, bio polymers, functional materials, biologically active chemicals and energy from the single source.

Her primary scientific interests focus on exploring functional biomaterials from marine source in general and diatom nanotechnology in particular for industrial and biomedical applications. Also, she is interested in the use of Microalgae for water bioremediation and in biorefinery of algae.