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Strategy and Professional Education

Recent reports on the state of higher education in India* identified gaps, and offered recommendations for creating a “globally relevant and competitive” higher education system that meets the requirements of both the domestic and the global economy.While the Indian higher education system has made considerable progress in terms of capacity creation and enrolment, especially in the last decade, major gaps remain including the low employability of graduates, the low impact of research output, the lack of international research collaborations, and the limited focus on entrepreneurship on campuses

Reducing these gaps will require more globally reputed Indian institutions, significant student and faculty mobility, and the presence of collaborations with quality international institutions such as Virginia Tech.

We also note that technological advancement and knowledge creation are moving at breakneck speed. Most working professionals, especially those in early or mid-careers, need to upgrade their skills to stay abreast of the latest developments in their fields and to advance in their careers. There is an equally identified need for company executives to update their knowledge of emerging technologies, trends, and practices in business management to broaden their expertise and improve corporate performance.

To meet these objectives, Virginia Tech India, drawing upon the expertise of the faculty from Virginia Tech, USA, will offer a comprehensive portfolio of courses to cover a range of topics customized to the needs of companies, professionals, and corporate leaders.

Rangapriya Goutham

Virginia Tech | India, Deputy Director