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India Center for Research and Innovation

“India today is home to more than a fifth of the world’s population, the subcontinent gave birth to the oldest and most influential civilization on earth, to four world religions and to the world’s largest democracy.” ~ Michael Wood


In an increasingly connected world, Virginia Tech (VT),, is committed to be a global center for bright minds from across the world to engage in collaborative learning, research, innovation, and cultural exchange. After having identified India as one of the strategic countries for meeting its global vision, Virginia Tech, led by its Office of International Affairs (OIA), has established a not-for-profit entity, Virginia Tech India Research and Education Forum, also known as VT India under Section 8 of the Companies Act of India. Based in Chennai, it has engaged with Virginia Tech’s major interdisciplinary research institute–the Institute of Critical Technology and Applied Science (ICTAS),, to lead and promote interdisciplinary research and education for a sustainable future. Collectively, OIA and ICTAS have established a roadmap for VT India to realize the goal of becoming a world-class provider of high quality higher education and research for the next generation of graduates who can step up to global challenges and provide leadership in creating innovative and sustainable solutions to a host of serious problems facing humanity.


Virginia Tech India aims to be a premiere institution to advance transformative research, education, life-long learning, and promote economic development that enhances the quality of life and preserves natural resources.


In fulfilment of the above vision,

  1. VT India will conduct cutting-edge research in a few selected areas that build on the existing strengths of Virginia Tech and maximize synergistic activites with partner organizations in India, consistent and compatible with the startegic vision of Virginia Tech.
  2. In the learning domain, it will promote successful student and faculty exchanges to maximize ongoing research projects. VT India will reach out to industry and working professionals to help them upgrade their skills to remain relevant and advance their careers in a highly competitive environment.
  3. It will ensure that the outcomes of its activities not only spawn innovation but also promote industrial growth and economic development with a special emphasis on rural development.


After a thorough review of the local landscape and in alignemnt with its vision, VT India has selected to initially focus on the following research programs:

  1. Multifunctional and 2-D Materials
  2. Sustainable Water and Energy
  3. Bioinformatics and Biotechnology.
  4. Aerospace Engineering
  5. Energy Harvesting
  6. Data Science
  7. Facilities
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