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Mentorship Development Program

Muthu Singaram

Muthu Singaram

CEO Incubation at Healthcare Technology Innovation Centre at IITM


This course is designed to Provide Real-World Mentoring Development. Things often work a bit differently in the real world from how they do in a classroom setting.

To understand the characteristics of a good mentor. Set ground rules to support a successful mentor-mentee relationship. Discuss issues that can distract mentor / mentee from focusing on the goal. How to manage the expectations of mentor- mentee relation? Learn to establish a trusting mentor-mentee relationship with accountability and responsibility. Helping mentee develop their leadership abilities. Learn to on-board mentees and promote diversity.

  1. Defining the four main Roles in management
  2. How Each Role Works?
  3. What is mentoring?
  4. Elements of Mentoring
  5. Types of Mentoring
  6. How Do Mentoring Programs Work?
  7. Why Are Mentoring Programs Needed?
  8. What Are Mentoring Programs For?
  9. Mentor – Mentee Relationship
  10. How Does a Mentor Help?
  11. Mentoring Process
  12. Success of Mentoring
  13. Failure of Mentoring
  14. Building on Mentoring Success
  15. Mentors Tips
  16. Mentor’s Approach
  17. Mentee Must and Gains
  18. Principle for Good Mentoring
  19. Guidance for Conversation for Mentoring
  20. Mistakes of Mentoring

3 session of 75 minutes each

  1. The first part a series of lectures – 2 sessions
  2. The second part practicing mentoring – 1 session