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Machine Learning Career in 2021

Do you feel excited about numbers, automation, data, and algorithms? Then, a Machine Learning career might just be right for you. ML is an essential subfield of Artificial Intelligence. It involves the implementation of algorithms for data processing. It also helps in the process automation for optimization.     

ML is a promising career option because there are many options in the industry. You can find some high-paying jobs in this field, and there’s a high demand for people who have ML skills with a low supply. That’s what makes these jobs so lucrative. Let’s find out more about Machine Learning career options in 2021.   

Machine Learning Career Options

Let’s look at the top career choices in Machine Learning:

a) Machine Learning Engineer

An ML engineer knows programming languages such as Java, Python, Scala, etc., and uses them in ML experiments. They have to be skilled programmers. They must also have a firm grip over probability, statistics, ML algorithms, data modeling, system design. They create programs that machines can use with minimal human interference.

b) Deep Learning Engineer

A Deep Learning engineer is an ML expert with a specialization in Deep Learning platforms. They develop programming models or systems mimicking the functions of the human brain. This means that these models are extremely intelligent. They use artificial neural networks to make machines that operate on their own and learn from experience.  

c) NLP Scientist

NLP, or Natural Language Processing, is a tool used for AI-backed sentiment analysis. It is used to help machines to understand the sentiments of human language so that they can converse with humans. An NLP scientist helps create machines that can learn to pick up on language patterns and needs skills in syntax, grammar, and spelling. 

d) Business Intelligence Developer

Business Intelligence Developers collect large amounts of data to analyze and interpret them with Data Analytics and ML. This helps in the production of actionable insights that help a business make better decisions. It requires knowledge in programming languages, multidimensional databases, relational databases, and business analytics.   

e) Human-Centered ML Designer

Human-Centered ML is about algorithms that involve human beings by combining human insights with domain expertise. For this, an HCML designer uses data-driven predictions. The designer has to develop systems that use HCML to process information and recognize patterns so that the machine learns individual preferences. 

There are many other ML career options like Data Scientist, Cloud Architect for ML, Technical Program Manager, DevOps Engineer, Data Engineer, Software Engineer/Developer for ML, etc.

Building an ML Portfolio

An essential part of creating a portfolio as an ML expert is to include the experience of having worked on multiple ML projects. So find interesting ML projects to work on to enhance your portfolio. You can find freelance projects to gain hands-on experience. The portfolio must also show your ability to apply ML to real-world issues.

If you’re just getting started in the ML industry, build a portfolio that includes your expertise, ML skills in various areas, like NLP, Data Modeling and Evaluation, Neural Networks, etc., as well as your knowledge in ML tools and technologies. Maintain a balance between your education and certifications and experiences.    

How to Learn ML

Acquiring skills in ML is the prerequisite for having a career in this industry. You have to follow a certain roadmap for that, especially if you wish to switch to ML from some other field. To start learning ML, you need to know the following:

  1. Linear Algebra
  2. Statistics
  3. Multivariate Calculus
  4. Python
  5. Business Analytics

It is only with a thorough understanding of these that you can learn how to use and apply ML. To educate yourself in the above as well as ML, you can try various platforms such as universities that offer complete and formal education. You can even choose online courses that are much less expensive than university education.

Final Courses:

The career prospects of the ever-evolving field of ML are up-and-coming and lucrative. Every day, there is a new position and job role opening up, which you have to be updated about every development to make a mark in this industry.  

If you want a career in the ML industry and gain the kind of knowledge that makes you a wanted by the best companies in the world,  try our Business Analytics and AI course. Register today! 

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Learn the industry-relevant skills to create boundless impact.