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Emotional Intelligence Mapping: When Are We Getting There?

A person with high EQ has a firm grip over their own emotions, besides the strength to perceive others’ emotions. It helps them in understanding what motivates people. It also enhances a cooperative workforce in an organization. Emotional Intelligence mapping helps assess factors that determine a person’s emotional abilities.

Naysayers claim that Emotional Intelligence mapping is an overhyped concept. They say that it is an undefined trait that doesn’t define leadership abilities. But experts – including the Director of Management and Finance Programs (Division of Continuing Education, Harvard University) Laura Wilcox – have a different opinion.

According to Wilcox, Emotional Intelligence can be a powerful indicator of success. It is not a mere soft skill. Through empathy and self-awareness, one can gain professional success and be a team player. Mapping measures how a person responds under pressure, predicts the target audience’s responses, and builds trusting work relations.

Let’s find out more about Emotional Intelligence mapping

What is Emotional Intelligence Mapping

Before we know about Emotional Intelligence, let’s find out a little about Emotional Intelligence first. Emotional Intelligence, also referred to as EQ, is the ability to recognize and manage emotions. It can be one’s own emotions or those of the others.  

Emotional Intelligence plays a vital role in a person’s ability to –

  • Recognize one’s own emotions
  • Understand other’s emotions 
  • Manage personal emotions
  • Motivate oneself and others
  • Handle relationships by managing others’ emotions

EQ mapping can help understand feelings of a person in a comprehensive and scientific way. It can break down the impact of everyday life, work, and relationships on a person’s emotions. It also includes a person’s abilities to acknowledge and respond to other people’s feelings, emotions, words, and activities. 

Where Do We Stand with EQ Mapping?

EQ Mapping also involves tracking a person’s ability to take charge of their own emotions and manage those of the others. An EQ Mapping system is norm-tested and well-researched for reliability. It is gradually becoming an essential instrument in business organizations. It enhances workforce cohesion. 

A multidimensional EQ Mapping tool is ideal for a workplace population. It can assess various factors that predict a person’s ability to tackle different situations and emotions. There are many tools that can also be used to undergo a self-administered mapping procedure. It can help analyze individual performance.

Emotional Intelligence maps are ideal for helping to move from linear thinking to radial or cyclical thinking. It is the foundational concept of mind mapping. As of now, mind maps help develop Emotional Intelligence. Mind maps are effective tools to help improve:

  1. Recall
  2. Creativity
  3. Problem Solving
  4. Concentration
  5. Thought Organization


Mind maps are effective in helping you think outside the box. Obviously, that involves emotional assessment to use words, images, etc., to generate ideas that can help connect with others. Mind maps and EQ mapping have become an essential for internal structure and external relationships.

EQ Mapping can help in –

  1. Increasing the trust factor for clients and employees
  2. Maintaining efficacy, focus, and energy under pressure
  3. Bringing innovation and creativity based on gut feeling
  4. Bringing intentionality to vision, decisions, and actions
  5. Evaluating and motivating behavior-based performance

EQ Mapping vs. Testing

Is EQ mapping the same things as EQ testing? EQ mapping is a measurement of various factors, competencies, and qualities. It helps everyone in an organization – from executives to managers – assess their hold on emotions. The good news is that EQ can be acquired – and the first step is EQ mapping.  

It can be used by professionals, parents, educators, leaders, etc., to improve their EQ in their own areas. It is unique and non-judgmental and can have an interactive, creative approach. There are many tests for EQ, too, but they differ from mapping because tests offer numeric scores.

Tests indicate skills, contrary to mapping, which offers a bird’s eye view of the strengths, vulnerabilities, and actions. While tests aim to measure knowledge, mapping helps with self-discovery to ensure self-learning. Emotional Intelligence mapping is currently used as an essential tool for:

  • Leadership Programs for Managers and C-Suite
  • Organizational Development Programs
  • Executive Training
  • Sales and Marketing Coaching
  • Performance Improvement Plans   

Final Words:

Back in 2013, scientists completed the first-ever emotional intelligence map. We’ve come a long way since then. EQ mapping is gradually becoming a part of individual assessment and evaluation. It helps understand and predict emotional abilities to react to different situations and people. It further helps to improve EQ. 

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