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Top 10 Career Paths of the Future – Artificial Intelligence 2021

Artificial Intelligence alludes to the recreation of human insight in machines that are customised to think like people and copy their activities. AI has turned niche technology into a standard software engineering and designing toolbox and has created a storm in most IT companies such as Google, Facebook, LinkedIn. It’s safe to say that AI is the future of automation.

Careers in Artificial Intelligence are at the core of new IT advancements in robotisation, DevOps stages, the Internet Chabot, and mechanical technology. AI jobs are quick-moving and a testing field that is making noticeable advances into our regular day-to-day existence. Below mentioned are the top 10 career paths in Artificial Intelligence for 2021.

Big Data Engineer

A Big Data Engineer is an individual who creates and handles an organisation’s Big Data framework and devices. Their primary responsibilities entail collecting, storing, processing, and analysing data systems.

The average salary of a Data Engineer amounts to over $96,501 PA.

Business Intelligence Developer

A Business Intelligence Developer is an engineer responsible for developing and maintaining BI interfaces. These include query tools, interactive dashboards, data visualisation, and data modelling tools.

A Business Intelligence Developer procures an average salary of over $92,870 PA globally.

Data Scientist

A Data Scientist is somebody who makes value out of information. They proactively get data from different sources and dissect it to better comprehend how the business performs and assemble AI instruments that computerised specific cycles inside the organisation.

Data Scientists can earn up to $ 96,501 PA on an average, globally.

To gain more insight, here are the top 10 skills required for a data scientist.

Machine Learning Engineer

Like computer programmers, Machine Learning Engineers go beyond creating programs to perform tasks – their focus lies in developing programs that will enable machines to take actions without being specifically directed to complete them.

The average salary range of Machine Learning Engineers amounts up to $112,837 PA, globally.

Research Scientists

Research Scientists endeavour in performing comprehensive research which manages the utilisation of AI and machine knowledge. It is one of the top AI jobs in computerised reasoning. These people are specialists in various AI disciplines, including Applied Math, AI, Profound Learning, and Computational Insights.

A Research Scientist in the United States earns an average of $107,745 PA.

AI Data Analyst

The significant role of an AI Data Analyst is to perform information mining, information cleaning, and information translation. This ensures essential information is gathered for data understanding. They dispose of futile details, so it doesn’t hamper the information understanding interaction.

The average salary range for an AI Data Analyst globally amounts to $113,860 PA.

Product Manager

They are responsible for assembling and focusing on items and client necessities and working intimately with designing, promoting, and backing to guarantee income and consumer loyalty. Every association needs a product manager whose requests have soared nowadays.

The average salary for Product Managers globally amounts to $150,095 PA.

AI Engineer

AI Engineers are issue solvers who create, test, and apply various models of Artificial Intelligence. They adequately handle AI foundations. They utilise AI calculations and comprehension of the neural organisation to create helpful AI models.

The AI job salary range for AI Engineers globally amounts to $125,258 PA.

Robotics Engineer

A Robotics Engineer plans models, fabricates, and tests devices and maintains the product that controls them. They additionally conduct research to track down the cost-effective and safest process to manufacture their mechanical framework.

A Robotics Engineer earns an average salary of around $90,912 globally.

IoT Specialist

An IoT Specialist creates imaginative administrations that assist clients with accepting, controlling, and overseeing data. They are likewise responsible for designing and dealing with a large swath of IoT gadgets, stages, programming, equipment, and frameworks through a combination of data, research, and technology.

IoT Specialists can earn a yearly salary package of about $102,763.

Scope of AI

A report by Analytics Insight, states that 823,734 jobs are going to be created by the end of 2021, and additionally an increase of AI jobs at a CAGR of 31.6% is set to incur a total of 1,928,658 in 2023, up from 489,393 jobs in 2018. In this manner, the significance of AI will undoubtedly move higher later on. Computer-based intelligence vocation openings are radically arriving at incredible statuses. The ultimate goal is to create computer-based programs that can take care of issues and accomplish objectives without instruction, just like humans.

How to begin a career in AI

To take up AI as a profession, one must possess fair understanding of mathematics and basic programming. They must be fascinated with numbers and dealing with data. Procuring a CS degree is a cherry on top. 

Furthermore, you ought to have the right tools to complete AI research in scholarly or R&D conditions and recognise how AI methods can give logical solutions to IT problems in organisations and associations.
Thus, we can conclude that the way AI ‘associates’ with people will impact the way we work in future, as it enables human capabilities efficiently and effectively at a lower cost.  If you’re intrigued by the wonders of AI, head to the Certificate Program in Business Analytics & Artificial Intelligence offered by Virginia Tech India.

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Virginia Tech Is Ranked No. 2 In Information Technology

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Learn the industry-relevant skills to create boundless impact.