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The benefits of drones in agriculture

Drones have found their place in private industrial use for many years now; their commercial applications grow wider as quickly as inventors come up with new ideas. The agriculture industry, in particular, has found drones to be an essential tool for farmers worldwide. 

Drone technology is beneficial for various applications, like providing easy ways to monitor small sections of crops and entire fields remotely. Drones help farmers address multiple developing challenges in the agriculture industry. 

Helps improve productivity 

Benefits of drone technology Drone Technology

One benefit of drones in farming is their ability to meet the population’s growing demands. Drone technology has helped farmers overcome obstacles checking the crops in the field. Satellite imagery is the most sophisticated way of monitoring crops to date. Still, there are many limitations to this technology, leading the farmers to opt for drones instead. When it comes to precision, satellite imagery lacks quality, as the images are retrieved only once a day, which is not enough for farmers. Drone technology, however, can give you a live feed, or as many pictures as required, making them far more precise and efficient. 

Helps reduce pollution 

The application of pesticides to the fields can be uneven. Drones in farming can help the farmers know where to apply the pesticides evenly as too much of it can cause many health issues. There is an option where the drones are equipped with the right equipment, which will allow them to scan the ground and spray the chemical evenly, this will reduce the quantity of chemical used by the agricultural producers.

Benefits of drone technology

With the same aim of reducing pollution, India-based Mahindra & Mahindra opened a technology development outpost in Blacksburg at the Virginia Tech Corporate Research Center. This joint endeavour will explore the creation of a grape-picking robot to add to Mahindra’s farm equipment lineup. Check out the full article on our website!

Lower analysis costs

Benefits of drone technology - Lower Analysis Cost

Drones in farming let farmers scan large plots in one flight and provide much more than the satellite imagery. Satellite imagery is extremely expensive, which pushes the farmers to opt for drones as they are significantly lower in price, faster and more efficient. Drones in farming are beneficial as it helps them monitor their fields precisely.

Increases employment opportunities 

Drone technology also gives plenty of employment opportunities to people in rural areas, from computer engineering positions to drone operators, taking part in agricultural services’ professionalism. Agriculture is the primary source of income for a significant part of India’s rural population, and improving agricultural productivity provides them with more employment opportunities.

Adapts to changing climate


Farmers are massively affected by climate change – it creates many obstacles in their productivity, making it hard for them to cultivate them properly. To overcome these obstacles, agriculture producers are looking for new strategies to increase their productivity; which is where drones come in. For instance, irrigation is the most critical concern farmers face with droughts. Drones equipped with the right sensors can let farmers know which part of their fields require more water. 

Drone technology seems to be the future for a number of industries. If research in drone technology is a field that interests you, be sure to check out the various research programs at Virginia Tech.