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Professional Education and Training under USIEF

Virginia Tech will create a place where Researchers, Students and High Tech Science Professionals from India and the United States will collaborate and learn from each other. Together, they will create things that none of them could do alone. Our Professional Education and Training programs

Business Analytics Salary Trends in India (Statistics)

Today, organization’s biggest asset is the ability to interpret data and make right decisions for a positive growth. In order to get this started, a company’s biggest need is to employ someone with this skillset, in-short, to employ a Business Analyst. A vital profile in

Reasearch & Education

Wind Tunnel Low Speed Wind Tunnel: The Wind Tunnel mainly consist of five parts, inlet or Honeycomb section with graded screens for flow straightening, Nozzle or convergent section, Main Test Section Unit, Diffuser or Divergent Cone, Variable frequency drive fan with motor. The Wind Tunnel